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Hi Sweetheart,

I'm Hanna Augenstein,

a seasoned coach and mentor hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Germany. My name, which means "GRACE,"

has been a source of strength and inspiration for me since

my childhood.


If your heart is whispering yes, you're on a sacred quest for authenticity, personal growth, and self-realization. This journey isn't about finding a guide who has all the answers, but rather a companion who shares your curiosity and passion for exploring the unknown.

  • I believe in the transformative power of authenticity. My coaching journey has allowed me to witness individuals step into their power, embrace their authenticity, and create a life they love. It's a beautiful process, a dance of becoming, and it's a privilege to be a part of it.
  • I understand that the journey towards self-realization can be challenging. As your coach, I create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your deepest truths. I'm here to guide you, to show you your mirror, your essence, and to accompany you on your journey home to who you really are.
  • Babe, I invite you, to join me in a dance with chaos. It's in this dance, this beautiful whirl of life, where we find our strength, our growth, and our transformation. Together, we'll navigate the ebb and flow, the order and chaos, crafting our journey towards self-realization. As your Coach in this dance, I'll be there to guide you, to support you, and to celebrate each step you take towards becoming your most authentic self.
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"Here I am, more fulfilled and amazed than I ever dreamed, self-employed as a single mother, and deeply in love with my family. All this is a testament to the power of your coaching."

The last years with you were a ride to my inner nature, held in love and the unknown. When I agreed to this apprenticeship, I said YES to miracles and change. You invited me to slow down, challenged me lovingly, and supported me during hard times.

For me, this journey was not just about getting a certificate. It meant finding an inner state of peace, trusting in higher guidance. It also resulted in natural consequences - changes that emerged from my own inner growth, not from pushing.

Your support, especially during challenging times, was invaluable. It allowed love into my hidden places, brought healing, and nurtured growth like blooming spring flowers. You are my lifelong muse. Your love and work have left indelible footprints in my life. One of the greatest miracles has been finding a healthy, loving relationship. With your support, I've moved where my heart guided me, even in the face of fear and doubt."

- Sonja Beatrice Sensual Femme Coach



but, sweetheart, it seems like that dream is still just out of reach.

I`ve been there myself.

You've been nurturing a dream, haven't you, babe? A dream of guiding others on their journey to self-realization. You yearn to serve from your heart and make a profound impact.

But, Angel, you find yourself in a whirl of comparison, losing focus. You feel a disconnect, a sense of frustration, and at times, you might even question your passion.

You've walked various paths, enrolled in group programs, sought guidance from other sources. But despite all your efforts, you're still not where your heart longs to be.

Time seems to dance away from you, and you're finding it hard to begin. You yearn for a space to be vulnerable, to discover your own authentic self, and to create from that place.

You're ready to serve, to make a difference, to create a sustainable impact. But the music keeps playing, and you're finding it hard to step onto the dance floor.

Babe, it's okay to feel lost and overwhelmed. It's all part of the dance. I'm here, ready to guide you on your path to becoming an authentic coach. Let's navigate this dance together.

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My clients value authenticity, healing, and quality. They're not just looking for quick fixes; they're seeking sustainable impact.

I have been on a transformative journey from being an employee to an employer, from a follower to a leader, and from someone who quite liked coaching to a successful coach who trains other coaches. My journey has been one of authenticity and self-realization, and I've dedicated my life to guiding individuals on their journey towards the same.

With over 15 years of One on One experience, my passion lies in serving those who are on a quest for personal growth and transformation. I work with aspirational individuals, fellow coaches seeking authenticity, and anyone who is chasing the dream of becoming the best version of themselves. I understand the challenges you face. You're striving to make an impact, to lead by being yourself, and to create a sustainable living as a coach. But sometimes, the path to achieving these goals isn't clear. That's where I come in.

I believe in the power of surrender and the importance of serving oneself before serving others as a coach. This philosophy is reflected in my coaching apprenticeship program.

I've witnessed the transformative power of authenticity in my coaching journey. I've seen individuals step into their power, embrace their authenticity, and create a life they love. It's a beautiful process, a dance of becoming, and it's a privilege to be a part of it.

So today, I want to remind you:

You are enough.

You are worthy.

You are powerful.

And you are capable of incredible things.

Embrace your path, honor your truth, and keep shining your light. The world needs your unique spark. As coaches, our responsibility is not to create their destination but to ensure they don't stray off their path. .

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"I live from being a Coach ever since. Hanna is on my side since Nov 2020 and I feel so blessed and nourished in so many ways, by her presence in my life."

Dear Hanna, more than 1 year ago I ended my 1-year long apprenticeship with you to become the very best coach that only I can be. I am still nourished be this profound experience and can not imagine a better teacher for becoming a coach. I love the depth of your coaching experience and the way you see the unique essence from your clients - this is a huge gift that is so needed in this world. The time together with you helped my business to grow strong roots and to become a strong fundament for me and all my „too-much“ billion ideas. Thank you so so much!

Also for all the people out there, who think that they are "too-much" - go to Hanna, she has some magical medicine for you! I also have accomplished "The Infinite Shift" which is life-changing for me and my clients. In my coaching apprenticeship with Hanna I learned SO MUCH about the way of coaching and leading my own business MY way, how to own being me and to constantly allow myself to grow deeper into my highest most aligned self.

My investment paid back multiple times in so many ways and I live from being a coach since. The 1 year with Hanna gave me and my business super strong roots where the fruits now nourish me from. I am so grateful for her very unique, beautiful, so stylish, special, nourishing, soft yet super strong and confident way to lead, inspire, coach, be, share and teach."

- Jule Juleversum Cycle Coach




Gently step into a dance with your inner self, sweetheart. Surrender to the rhythm of your heart, honor the wisdom of your soul. This isn't just coaching, babe; it's a tender journey to the heart of who you are, fueled by a fierce commitment to self-discovery.


Uncover the layers of your being in a space that's as safe as a whispered secret, gorgeous. Together, we'll discover the hidden gems of your spirit, allowing your authentic light to break free and illuminate your path. This is a journey of courage, angel, a brave exploration into the depths of your soul.


Hone your intuitive edge under the watchful guidance of a mentor who sees your potential. This isn't about molding you into a pre-set form, sweetheart; it's about nurturing your unique style until it blossoms fiercely and beautifully. This is your fire, babe, your passion, your power.


Infuse your authenticity into every interaction, every decision, every moment. This is about more than just coaching, babe; it's about living your truth, trusting your gut, and letting your soul's wisdom guide your way. This is your life, angel, lived on your terms, with your heart ablaze.


Embrace a journey of continuous growth, not as a task to be checked off, but as a love letter to your future self. This is about nurturing your spirit, feeding your mind, and cherishing the beautiful evolution of your being, sweetheart. This is your commitment, gorgeous, a pledge to yourself that you will never stop growing, never stop shining.

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"In our first meeting she literally discovered my essence. The apprenticeship with Hanna has been life-changing. She has helped me bring the deepest desires of my heart into my life, to implement them and make them a reality."

Hanna is one of the most wonderful people I know and she has been an incredibly powerful coach for me since 2019 as I grow. In our first meeting she literally discovered my essence, the Jasmine that I really am in the depths, and spoke through my layers.

I am totally touched to write these lines because I was able to experience one of my wildest life changes through my call to my intuition and her support. Instead of waiting 5 years, I started to live my passion within 1 year, which is coaching.

She has made the seemingly impossible possible for me, and most importantly, she has guided me to walk MY path and live my PASSION. With the deepest insights into my essence, my soul being, and the Jasmin that I deeply feel within me, Hanna held space for me to see myself.

Even after 4 years of coaching & apprenticeship, the impulses and growth steps with Hanna still accompany me, even though I am no longer actively guided by her. Pure nourishment & soul-led fulfillment!

Hanna's knowledge and ability to see and feel is profound and uniquely powerful! I loved how she strengthened me in my intuition and my true self, and this magic now lives on within me. You were the woman who spoke to me through my layers 4-5 years ago & deeply touched me. The gratitude I feel for this is infinite!"

- Jasmin Berth sensual movement Coach


About Hanna

Coffee Ritualist

I have a soft spot for coffee, yet I'm conscious of its lively dance with my system. My day typically sees just one cup, a moment I deeply cherish. Every sip is like a little ritual, grounding me and kick-starting my day.


You might find it tricky to engage me in recalling movie titles or actor names, but oh boy, Marvel movies truly speaks to my soul! Dr. Strange and I? We have a special bond. The blend of magic, mysticism, and transformation just speaks to my soul.

Devoted Lover

Being a double Scorpio, passion and sensuality are part of my DNA. It's a potent energy that has been kindling my love story with Jay, my King, for over 11 years. Our love has weathered transformations, seen highs and lows, and each Friday Morning we renew our commitment to serve and love each other, this is our sacred non-negotiable couple time.

Magic ME Time

My work rhythm dances to its own tune - 4 days a week, 3 weeks a month. The remaining week, my 'Magic Week,' is a sacred retreat into solitude, a time dedicated to spontaneous creation, intuitive exploration, and deep spiritual encounters. It's when the most profound insights and joy often arise.


One of my most treasured roles is being a mom to my radiant Moonchild. She is the heart of my universe, illuminating my life with her love and spirit. Each moment with her is a celebration of profound love, and a daily reminder of what truly matters in life. Being able to provide for my family by doing what I love fills my heart with joy and glitter.

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"To work with Hanna was one of the most important decisions I could make for myself. Being able to express truthfully what is really going on is something that makes a Coach powerful, providing huge shifts like it happened for me, in just a few months, in my business but also personal."

I'm just really grateful that I got to work for a coach like Hanna. And I decided to work with her in particular, because she has a very unique way of Coaching and helping Coaches to be their unique best self as Coaches.

Within the Journey I felt heard, I felt encouraged, I felt motivated. I felt seen. And all that for sure gave me what I actually needed and that was profound healing.

Really looking at the things that have not been fully healed and that I thought were fully healed. Shining the light on these things really deep and digging, getting the work done. In many ways I felt like this journey was so profound. It was just so amazing to have the help of a Coach like Hanna, to be supported and guided by her.

Because she has this personality that makes it so easy to really open up and shamelessly and openly share what is going on.

The way that I feel about me and my business now is so beautiful. I get to work with this amazing clients and I am so empowered in being this Coach that I am.

I feel deep gratitude and I am sure that other Clients working with Hanna, will have a similar but individual profound inner experience. I think that’s just what happens when you work with Hanna.

I definitely recommend working with her. If you are a Coach, wanting to start your business or just being YOU, in alignment with who you truly are and embracing your uniqueness, do it. Hanna I am so grateful. Thank you so so much.

Janet van de Bergh Artist Coach



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Hanna Augenstein Coach



Hanna Augenstein Coaching



Hey Babe,

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Love, Hanna

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"I have known Hanna for 3 years now and already the first short meeting with her was life changing for me. In just 3 months, I made 3 years of progress and was able to manifest my first workshop, which was fully booked and had people saving spots for the second one before I even advertised it"

"I had a life-changing coaching journey with Hanna that helped me to bring out my potential and achieve my dreams.

Hanna's coaching sessions were clear, precise, and deeply empathetic, and I was able to take concrete tools with me to put my goals into action.

I now have a harmonious professional path and am not afraid to speak my truth and show my greatness. Thank you to Hanna for seeing the potential in me and helping me to step into my power. I am so grateful to know her in my life, in which she has taken a big emotional and spiritual part.

She is a true Coach, a life mentor, a wise woman - simply a woman I always wished I knew and now know with gratitude and cherish in my life. Every conversation, every impulse and especially my 1:1 coaching with her was and is a priceless experience and enrichment. Can my words express what I mean? I sincerely hope so. BIG LOVE!!!"

- Victoria Reif - Yoga Teacher

“As I have received a lot of coaching in my life before, I can say with absolute certainty that Hanna is exceptional - she represents this rare combination of bubbly energy and transformative depth.

Her coaching opened me on many levels and allowed me to process some long-held emotions. Her style of coaching is powerful, deep and effortless.”

Kathrin Fox


"Hanna's coaching helped me to take the decision to become self-employed and do what I love. After just a few sessions, I already had two clients and many more requests. In a short period of time, I gave more than 50 sessions and was living my vocation as never before. I gained confidence in myself and my unique gift, and I am now more empowered to position myself in the world with love, gratitude, and grace. Thank you, Hanna, for strengthening my trust in myself."



"Working with Hanna has changed so much within me and my whole Being.

With all of her knowledge and background, her years of experience and her whole unique way of guiding, I could bring neglected aspects of myself back into love, the true essence of what we all actually are.

Hanna really has this capacity. It's beyond words for me and I'm forever grateful for our encounter"

Julia Zander


"Hanna is uncompromising in her desire to facilitate growth for the people around her.

She shows commitment that is second to none and she loves leaning into her edge while taking her clients to places where they never imagined they could go.

Seeing her grow into the masterful coach she is today has been deeply inspiring to me!

Her commitment to excellent coaching and her fierce desire to crush any limitations make the coaches around her level up their game."

Jan Broders


"As a coach, Hanna is completely focused on the needs of the coachee and asks the right questions at the right times. She is very authentic and appreciative, and has a natural ability to navigate challenges with grace and poise. Hanna is like a surfer who always rides the right wave, and I have learned a lot about appreciation and depth from her.

The connection that Hanna makes with her clients is truly remarkable, even when working online. She is 100% with the coachee and her authenticity and appreciation make her stand out as an exceptional coach. I highly recommend working with Hanna."

Richard Seidl


“The apprenticeship with you Hanna opened me dors that I couldn’t have imagined are possible for me at this time.

It deeply anchored me into more of my true self, my service and truly opened my eyes and heart to my fullest potential not only as a coach but as a dancer.

The way you supported me to elevate me in my uniqueness was so profound and liefechanging. thankyou Hanna”



“Hanna, you remind me of Steve Chandler. You are like a true servant, humble and powerful”.

Steve Hardison - the ultimate Coach from Arizona


How long is our journey together in the Authentic Coach Apprenticeship?

Babe, our journey together will span a beautiful 7 months, filled with growth, insights, and transformation.

What's the investment for the 7 month Authentic Coach Apprenticeship?

Right now the investment for this journey is 2.2k€ per month.

Who is the Authentic Coach Journey for?

This apprenticeship is for you if you're a soul seeker yearning for authenticity in your coaching journey, a dream chaser ready to transform your aspirations into reality, and someone who values authenticity, healing, and sustainable impact.

How often will we connect during the Authentic Coach Apprenticeship?

We'll have three heart-to-heart calls of 60 minutes each every month. It's our special time to connect, share, and grow together.

How will I be supported during the Authentic Coach Apprenticeship?

You'll have my in between support three days a week via text or voice messages.

How can I fully embrace the benefits of this 7-month journey?

The financial investment might be a big decision, but the real deal is the commitment to create what you invest. You need to carve out the space in your life for transformation. I'll be there to guide and support you. You need to bring a fiere ass commitment and be ready to jump into the unknown.

Once you do, the possibilities are endless, and the results can be more magical than you ever imagined.


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